Zen Wtr Essentials Alkaline Water, Lifestyle, Vapor Distilled

Vapor distilled and ionized to reach pH of 9.5, Zen Wtr is the perfect choice for crisp pure water. Vapor distilled 9.5 pH high alkaline. +9.5 (Approximately 9.5 pH) pH. Electrolytes. High (Approximately 9.5 pH) pH. Vapor distilled water and electrolytes for taste. Refresh yourself, restore the ocean. NYSHD Cert. 623. zenwtr.com. For water quality & info: zenwtr.com 833-33-Bezen. 100% recycled ocean plastic (Bottles made from 100% post consumer resin recovered from marine environments. Closure and label made from 100% recyclable materials). Verified PCR content recyclable consumer plastic. Zen Wtr is on a mission to help our environment by using 100% post consumer resin from marine environments. Every Zen Water bottle helps rid our oceans of plastic. BPA free. 100% recyclable plastic bottle.