Wisecrackers Crackers, Flatbread, Roasted Garlic with Rosemary

All natural. Delicious low fat artisan. Original thin crisp. Award winning flavor. Partners: A tasteful cracker. Our Commitment: To quality by using all natural and fresh ingredients like our home made fresh roasted garlic. to the environment and our community by using 100% green power sources for our electricity needs, by purchasing only boxes made by a box manufacturer who also uses green energy sources, by recycling all production waste. To our customers by providing delicious tasting, wholesome, gourmet products that reflect our attention to quality every time. A Difference You Can Taste: Partners a tasteful cracker, Wisecrackers, Blue Star Farms Organic Crackers, Partners Gourmet Granola and get movin' snacks. We are committed to recycling and sustainable forestry practices. If you have any questions about our crackers please call 800-632-7477; visit us online at www.crackersrock.com. Made in USA.