Wise Mouth Mountain Pear Ginseng Beverage

10 g sugar. 40 calories. Hand brewed with real fresh ingredients. No caffeine. Each bottle is inspired by thousands of years of wisdom. 100% natural. Pears are a beloved fruit in eastern culture. People have used cooked pear juice to help stop coughing, improve lung function, and digestion for thousands of years. One day, my daughter was sick. She had a cough all day and night. Just like millions of mothers, I did the natural thin and cooked pear juice to help her cough. My neighbor came by my house as I was cooking it, so I gave her a glass as well. She thought it was wonderful and said, Lei if you sold this I would buy it. So - I gave it a try. I hope you love it as much as she did, and find it as comforting as my daughters do. I really hope you enjoy this deliciously cooked pear juice with fresh pineapple. - Lei. Wise Mouth tea is inspired by thousands of years of eastern health regimens. 100% natural. Hand brewed with real ingredients. Each ingredient is selected with purpose. Sweetened with crystallized sugarcane, which is widely used in eastern traditional medicine. No concentrates. No additives. No preservatives. No artificial sweeteners. www.wise-mouth.com. Consumer Information: Check: www.wise-mouth.com or email: info(at)wise-mouth.com. Made in the USA.