Wildcatch For Pets Salmon Jerky, Alaska Wild Caught

Tender & chewy wild salmon jerky strips. The healthy wild choice for your dog's well-being. 100% human grade premium ingredients. Nutritious: 95% Premium Alaska Wild Salmon: A vital source of vitamins A, B, D, E and naturally balanced omega 3 fatty acids. Beneficial for your dog's over-all health. All Natural: Certified Sustainable Wild Salmon: No wheat, corn or soy; Made without artificial colors or preservatives. Delicious: 46% Protein: Our naturally dried and smoked jerky treats are extra high in the rich complete protein your dog craves. This product comes from a fishery that has been independently certified to the MSC's standard for a well-managed and sustainable fishery. www.MSC.org. Certified Sustainable Seafood MSC. www.msc.org. Only the Best Salmon: As fisherman we are naturally very particular about the seafood we serve to our friends and families. Our company promise has always been to only provide to our customers the same seafood we would serve at home. A healthy lifestyle choice extends to our pets, so of course they also get the best. We make our Wildcatch for Pets with the same great wild caught nutrient-rich salmon we would enjoy ourselves. Delicious wild caught premium human grade Alaska salmon is - the healthy wild choice for your dog's well-being. We source wild salmon from Alaskan communities including Copper River Alaska; Bristol Bay Alaska. Nutritious: Omega 3's Improve Your Dog's Overall Wellness: Nature provides wild salmon an abundance of nutrition including a balance of vital omega 3 fatty acids. These good fats - which dogs cannot produce on their own - serve to nourish the heart, brain, eyes and kidneys, and have shown benefits to cardiovascular, immune system, brain, and digestive health. All Natural: Wild Caught Salmon from Pure Alaska Water: Produced in a USDA inspected plant; Certified sustainable wild Alaska salmon; Natural and certified organic ingredients; No antibiotic, synthetic colorings or growth hormones; No fillers or by-products. Delicious: Dogs Love Delicious Smoky Salmon: Our natural slow drying and smoking process helps insure that your pet receives the whole food salmon goodness, nutrition and delicious seafood flavor provided by nature's original super food - wild salmon in a tender and chewy treat. Calorie Content Per 4 oz Bag: 340. Calories Per Piece: About 14. Wild caught. AK 206, Made in Alaska. Other recyclable. www.wildcatchforpets.com. Product of USA.