Wild Mikes Cheesy Bites, Stuffed Crust

No artificial anything. Wild about flavor. Filled with 100% mozzarella. 100% all natural. 18-20 count. Join the Wild Mike's rebel revolution by rebelling against artificial ingredients! Make it a meal! Whether you're eating solo or feeding the family, our Wild Mike's Ultimate Pizza makes a great pairing with our Stuffed Crust Cheezy Bites. Choose from a variety of flavors and sizes to make it the ultimate experience. Get your merch! Shop Online. Customize it! Foodies unite! it's time for your inner chef to shine and show the world how you enjoy your Wild Mike's Stuffed Crust Cheezy Bites. Need inspiration? Have a wild recipe to share? We invite you to visit our website to view this creations plus more! www.wildmikesultimatepizza. Follow us (a)wildmakespizza. Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. Visit our website to find a store near you! www.wildmikesultimatepizza.com. Made in the USA.