Wicked Weed Brewing Dark Age Stout

Humanity's path out of the Dark Age is one without end. This path carries us away from the mystical to the measurable, from the magical to the mathematical, and is a meticulous tale of progress from madness to method. Yet, we still find wonder in the Magic, and extraordinary potential in the Mystery. Out of this yearning for the old ways, Dark Age Imperial Stout emerges from the whisky barrel, its dark malt complexity and bold, yet balanced, sweetness softened by its mystical evolution in oak. Dark Age Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout is aged in a temperature-controlled barrel house for 8-months in Kentucky bourbon barrels made from American Oak. Brown Sugar and honey are added pre-aging. Taste Profile: Roasty, Malt Sweetness with Notes of Brown Sugar, Bourbon, Raisins, Figs, Vanilla and Honey. Dark Age has an aroma filled of roasted malt with notes of brown sugar, bourbon, oak, vanilla, and caramel. 11.8% ABV. Wicked Weed Dark Age pairs well with rich, spicy food like barbecued beef, Oaxacan mole or hearty Szechuan dishes.