VIVONEX PEDIATRIC Unflavored 6-1.07 oz Packets

Complete enteral nutrition for children. Nutritionally complete specialized elemental amino acid formula for children 1-10 years. A medical food specifically formulated for the management of maldigestion and malabsorption and other related medical conditions. Nutrition Information: Vivonex Pediatric formula is a nitrogen containing elemental (100% free amino acids) diet designed for children 1-10 years of age for enteral nutrition. The Vivonex Pediatric elemental diet is an effective alternative for total parenteral nutrition (TPN), except in patients where enteral feeding may be contraindicated. Its high-essential to nonessential amino acid ratio with enhanced glutamine content and optimal quantity of protein-sparing carbohydrate, make it especially useful in stressed, catabolic children. The Vivonex Pediatric diet may further benefit that permits maximal absorption with minimal digestion. In standard dilution, Vivonex Pediatric provides 0.8 calorie per ml or 200 calories per packet, distributed as 6.0 g (12%) of protein as amino acids, 31.5 g (63%) of carbohydrate, and 5.88 g (25%) of fat. Vivonex Pediatric meets or exceeds 100% of the NAS/NRC RDA for protein, vitamins and minerals for children 1-6 years in 1000 ml; 7 to 10 years in 1170 ml.