Vita Coco Sparkling Juice Drink, Lemon Ginger

Naturally flavored sparkling juice drink from concentrate. 25 calories per serving. Gluten free. Naturally occurring electrolytes., No added sugar (see nutrition information for sugars and calorie content)., Low in calories., With electrolytes. Naturally flavored sparkling juice drink from concentrate., Replenish & refresh., Made with coconut water., A Bubbly Burst of Coconut Benefits: Replenish and refresh with a balanced blend of sparkling water and nutritious coconut water. Bursting with bubbles and fruity flavor, it's the perfect pair for any meal or afternoon pick-me-up. So go on, pop the bubbly!, Contains natural ingredients; taste and color may vary., 50% juice. Vita Coco Project: Give, Grown, Guide: Our coconuts are hand-picked on thousands of small farms. See how we partner with our farming communities at