Ukrops White House Rolls

Peanut free. Made in a peanut-free bakery. Since 1937. Delicious homemade taste made from scratch. The world's most perfect roll. These soft and tasty yeast rolls are called White House for the flour dusted on top, and because we think they're good enough to serve at The White House! Made from scratch using a generations-old, traditional family recipe, our artisan bakers delicately shape each roll by hand. Delicious for every occasion: great for snacking, sandwiches, dinner rolls, and more; fits easily in lunchboxes and small hands. We hope you'll enjoy sharing them with your family as much as we do! Ukrop's Homestyle Foods. Nourishing families & communities. Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. Instagram. For more ways to enjoy these wonderful rolls visit Call (804) 340-3000 to share what you think about our rolls!