TruRoots Quinoa, Sprouted, Organic

Whole Grain. From farms that use best practices and time-honored tradition. Low glycemic. Gluten free. Ready in 15 minutes. Heart healthy. USDA organic. Non GMO project verified. Organic Sprouted Quinoa offers the ultimate in nutrition by combing all the benefits of whole grain Quinoa along with the ability to use it as a raw food. truRoots sprouted Quinoa can be easily rehydrated and used as fresh sprouts in sandwiches or added to salads and other foods without being cooked. Upon cooking, it can also work as a great substitute to rice, couscous or oatmeal and can be used as a delicious side dish, pilaf or stuffing. It blends wonderfully in soups and stews. The process of sprouting activates natural enzymes and boosts vitamin content in the Quinoa grain. The sprouting process softens the grains, thus making them suitable to be eaten raw. Sprouted Quinoa is gluten-free, has a low glycemic index and is a complete protein. With all the goodness that this sprouted Quinoa can provide, we encourage you to make it a part of your everyday meals. Certified organic by Oregon Tilth, Salem, OR. OTCO. Product of USA.