Tropiway Flour, Fufu, Plantain

New formula. Gluten free. No artificial colors. Since 1987. Tropiway is pleased to introduce a unique, authentic, traditional African food, Plantain Fufu Flour, which is popular as a staple in the diets of many people around the world. You are also given the chance to discover, enrich and enjoy yourself partaking of the art and science of exotic African cuisine. Traditionally, the African way of food preparation and cooking is based on the use of one's imagination, creativity and flexibility, which cannot be subjected to any rigid ways of quantifying the ingredients involved. Tropiway Plantain Fufu Flour is uniquely formulated to give you the flexibility and the ease needed to produce a delicious plantain Fufu meal to your own desire. Of course, you are by no means limited to our methods and recipe. Excellent For: Battering (when frying meats, poultry & fish; thickening soup, stew and gravy (to obtain natural vegetable flavor). Web: Facebook: /tropiway. Twitter: (at)tropiway. Fax (864) 463-9223.