Traditional Medicinals Herbal Teas Organic Fennel Tea Bags - 16 CT

Traditional Medicinals® Herbal Teas Organic Fennel Tea Bags. Created by Herbalists. Since 1974. Naturally caffeine free herbal tea. Herbal supplement. Non GMO project verified. USDA organic. Net wt 1.13 oz (32g). It's no surprise Indian restaurants offer colorful candied fennel seeds at the end of a meal. Fennel is loved for its amazing digestive properties, and some of our favorite organic fennel comes from small farms in Bulgaria. Harvested in the late summer to early fall, the fennel we use has a high essential oil content, which is what gives you that pleasantly soothing experience. Low-heat dried and "squeeze cut", you'll notice little droplets of oil on the top of your tea, a sign of extremely high quality. We've got the right stuff: Our herbalists work with reputable suppliers to select high-quality herbs that undergo rigorous testing throughout the manufacturing process. In addition, every tea bag is individually wrapped and sealed for freshness, ensuring consistent quality from one cup to the next. Foeniculum Vulgare. Personality: Pleasant and gentle, a great after dinner companion. Herbal power: Soothes and supports your digestion.* Reason to love: The ancients of many cultures revered fennel both for its licorice-like aroma and taste, as well as for its charming properties. Attributed with the power to bestow long life, courage, strength and even to ward off evil spirits, we modern plant people highly regard fennel for its capacity to ease uncomfortable feelings of fullness, bloating or gassiness, or as an all-around promoter of healthy digestion.* Taste: Sweet and mildly bitter, with a distinct licorice-like taste. Certified by the California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF). All ingredients certified organic. **This is the pharmacopoeial quality standard we use because quality matters. Reduce, reuse recycle. 100% recycled carton (at least 35% verified post-consumer waste). 100% renewable energy. This product is manufactured using a mix of renewable energy including solar. Compostable tea bags. Tea bags are made from compostable abaca fiber. ©2015 FBFS.04.