Tio Nacho Hair Treatment, Ultra Hydration, Coconut Oil

Deep hydration + nourishment royal jelly + organic coconut oil. Tio Nacho Ultra Hydration system with organic coconut oil. Its formula penetrate in your hair to recover 100% of lost hydration from the first use. It also protects from UV rays and fights frizzy hair. In addition, royal jelly is known for its nutritional power that strengthens your hair helping to prevent its fall due to breakage. Feel your hair hydrated, shiny and soft from root to ends with Tio Nacho Ultra Hydration (With ingredients of natural origin known or): Organic Coconut Oil: Hydrates and naturally conditions hair. Royal Jelly: Nourishes hair. Yarrow: Provides vitamins and minerals. Palo Pichi: Keeps hair visibly healthy. Marcela: Protects hair from oxidative stress. Questions or comments? Call toll free 1-877-994-3666, Monday to Friday, 8 am to 6 pm Central time. Made in Mexico.