Tio Nacho Conditioner, Thickening, Volume Filler

Anti hair loss (hair loss due to breakage). Visibly stronger and more abundant-looking hair. With royal jelly + rosemary extract. Tio Nacho Thickening reduces hair loss due to breakage and improves the thickness of your hair, so it looks younger and more abundant. Formulated with a combination of royal jelly and extracts of natural origin known for: Nettle extract - Strengthens hair; Aloe vera extract - Nourishes the scalp; Cinchona extract - Helps reduce hair loss due to breakage; Ginseng extract - Revitalizes scalp; Alfalfa - Brightens hair; Rosemary - Brings volume to the hair; Hop - Thickens hair fiber. Extracts of natural origin (exclusive blend of extracts of natural origin and amino acids). www.genommalab.us. Questions? Call toll free 1-877-99-GENOM (43666) Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm, Central Time. Made in Mexico.