Thera Med Icy Cold Ice + Gel Cold Pack, Therapeutic

Medium 6 inch x 11 inch. Ice + gel therapy. Easy to use. Reusable & portable. Multi-use wrap with hook and loop pouch. Neck, knees, ankles, elbows. Enjoy the benefits of ice + gel therapy with Thera-Med icy cold pain relief! For Cold Therapy: Ice + Gel Cold Pack utilizes icy cells surrounded by a cooling gel that stays cold for hours and remains flexible when frozen and molds to the body. The cold pack is reusable and safe to use as directed. Simply store pack in freezer before use. Apply to body for 15-20 min. Repeat every 1 hour or as directed by a healthcare provider. Cool or re-freeze for future use. Dual-sided cover (not made with natural rubber latex). Ice cooling cells. Flexible gel. Hook and loop strap. Contains: 1 medium 6 inch x 11 inch pad with cover. Ice + Gel Cold Pack brings you temporary relief of minor aches and pains associated with: minor sports injuries; chronic pain; back aches; muscle pain; headaches; arthritis flare-ups; ankle sprains; sunburn; minor cuts and bruises; post-surgery pain; toothaches. Phone 800.376.7263. Made in China.