The Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie Heirloom Coffee Coffee, Darkest Roast, Front Porch French

Historic roasterie. 40 years of roasting heritage. Grown in the traditional wisdom of the past. A roasterie classic that maintains the integrity of the bean without burning out its flavor, hints of cedar and smoke. The Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie is located in a charming, hundred + year old building where the town of Vashon originated. This famous and historic Coffee Roasterie is also home to specialty coffee and fair trade pioneer Jum Stewart's original coffee company, the Wet Whisker , which eventually became known as Seattle's Best coffee. We Source beans through stewart's own foundation to directly assist the indigenous families and communities who grow coffee helping mom to maintain their independence. These rare beans come from older variety coffee trees, some of which grow nearly wild. Grown at high altitudes in mineral rich volcanic soil, giving them their vibrantly deep and complex flavor. Traditionally grown for generations, the trees are allowed to naturally adapt to climate, soils and pests, then hand picked only when ripe, properly aged, fermented and dried. These traditional practices result in producing a high quality coffee bean with exquisite flavor. All our coffee is fresh roasted on site on the Roasterie's original vintage Roaster. This is the foundation of our Heirloom Coffee. We contribute a portion of our online and retail sales to organizations and individuals dedicated to reclamation and restoration of indigenous cultures and the natural environment.