The Doux Afro Balm, Bonita

Creamy styling pomade. For afro's, puffs, & braids. Texture cream. Smart chicks with real hair. The Doux: Pronounced Doo. The Doux French for soft, smooth or sweet. Developed by a professional hairstylist for smart chicks who want real results without the hype. What it Doux? This non-greasy conditioning styler is an every-day alternative to heavy butter, pomades and oily moisturizers. Bonita softens brittle hair, prevents breakage, and rinses out easily with no residue. What's Good? Goji berry; coconut oil; sweet almond oil. Doux You: A little bit goes a long away: Use bonita in place of heavy butter and old-school oil moisturizer to soften, control frizz, and prevent dryness. Emulsify a small amount of product by first rubbing hands together, then apply to puffs, braids, twists, or curls. Instagram: Follow us (at)ilovethedoux.