Temptations Treats for Cats, Hairball Control, Chicken Flavor

Helps eliminate hairballs. Crunchy outside. Soft inside. Stay fresh pouch! It's my greatest aspiration to boast a phlegm-free existence. For even a single hack, cough or hairball can wreak havoc on all nine of my lives. If only there were a delectable treat that could rid me of these wretched hairballs once and for all. Good gracious, there is! Please pass the Temptations Treats. For more feline fun, visit temptationstreats.com. Helps eliminate and prevent hairballs. Tasty crunchy outside with a soft, meaty center. No artificial flavors. Tartar control. Calorie Content/(calculated): 3704 kcal ME/kg, 324 kcal ME/cup. Questions? 1-800-525-5273. www.tremptationstrests.com. Made in Canada.