SWEETARTS Original Rolls/Packs, Chews & Mini Chewy Halloween Candy Variety Pack 220 pc Bag

This value bag features a monstrous assortment of 220 individually wrapped pieces of our most popular SweeTarts treats - Original SweeTarts, Mini Chewy SweeTarts, and SweeTarts Chews. It’s one-stop Halloween candy shopping in a single bag at a budget-friendly price! Contains 220 pieces of Halloween candy A variety of SweeTarts twists and treat size penny pouches No artificial flavors Individually wrapped pieces of Halloween candy Perfect variety for trick-or-treaters Halloween candy, trick-or-treating, Wonka, candy, assorted candy, sweet tarts, sweettarts, sweet candy, fun candy, tart candy, colorful candy, fruit flavored candy, tangy, fun treats, fun to eat, crunch candy, candy to use for decorating cakes, decorating candy, dessert topping