SWEET EARTH Curry Recipe Seitan Satay 8 oz. Box

Sweet Earth Seitan Curry Recipe. Since 1978. Natural foods®. Vegan. All natural. 26 Grams of protein per serving. Clean protein. Satay. Enlighten up, man™. Low fat. High protein. 8 oz. (228 g). We use enlightened food traditions and farm friendly ingredients to handcraft delicious and nourishing food. Always warm, vibrant and full of flavor. Our food is an intentional blend of plant-based protein, ancient grains, fresh vegetables, and beneficial herbs and spices. Worldly and local. Wherever you are, share the craft of our California kitchen. Fragrant pieces of curried seitan touched with far-out flavor. Curry style seitan. Pre-cooked and pre-seasoned. Earth's delicious and nutritious plant-based protein. A clean, lean protein. Protein-rich seitan (pronounced say-tahn) is a tender & juicy food derived from wheat and prepared in a delectable broth. In 7th century China, it was crafted by Mahayana Buddhist monks to support a nutritious, vegetarian diet. Committed to this rediscovered tradition, Sweet Earth has been handicrafting seitan since 1978. Curried, saucy, handcrafted! Seitan absorbs your favorite marinades and spices! Perfect for: Any curry dish. Pairs beautifully with peanut sauce. Use it with Indian red lentils or rice or in Thai salads. Enjoy! Righteous meats™ are always...plant-based. Sustainable. Cholesterol free. Nitrate free. Antibiotic free. and of course cruelty free. Good source of zinc. Good source of iron. Non GMO Project Verified. nongmoproject.org. Visit: www.sweetearthfoods.com.