Stumptown Coffee Roasters Big Mood Blend Whole Bean Coffee 12 oz. Stand Up Bag

Test kitchen. Big Mood Blend: The Bon Appetit Test Kitchen sat down with their pals at Stumptown to cup, brew, smell, and sip a lot of coffee. After a few over-caffeinated afternoons, we packed all our favorite flavors into Big Mood Blend, the coffee that represents who we are. What do we love in the Bon Appetit test kitchen? Flavor. Personality. Intention. Dependability. Faded denim. Glossy silk. Rowdy exclamations. Peaceful meditations. Contrast. Balance. And a cup of coffee with clean, ripe stone fruit brightness and a warm marzipan body. In short, a big mood blend. Big Mood Breakdown: 40% Central America. 35% East Africa. 15% South America. 10% Sumatra.