Streit's Potato Starch

Streit's® Potato Starch. Since 1925. Kosher for Passover and All Year Round Parve. The Taste of a Memory. In 1925 Aron Streit opened his first matzo bakery. That was on Rivington street in Manhattan's lower east side, a place that would become as famous for its food as for its Yiddish theater. A tasty kugel, a hearty soup, a delicious matzo ball. People who lived there shared more than dreams of a better life in America - they shared their family's treasured recipes. Around the holidays, food was even more important. Just the right potato latkes were needed for Chanukah, the right kind of matzo on Passover. Streit's was there then and we're here now. We work out of the very same building used by our great-grandfather and we share his vision: to bring you wholesome Jewish food that takes you back to your childhood and connects you with your past. Streit's. The taste of a memory. Streit's, baked fresh matzos, whole wheat products. A history of baking quality kosher products for over 80 years. Matzo meal. Under the supervision of Rabbi M. Soloveichik. For more recipes, visit our website at Visit our website at