Stillhouse® Original Whiskey 750mL

America's finest. Stillhouse has elevated the genuine American craft of making spirits through our proprietary all-natural recipe and distilling mastery. Our superior taste and remarkably smooth finish create the new standard for a great American classic. 100% Corn Whiskey, Proprietary All-Natural Recipe. Estate Grown Corn. Distilled to Perfection. Charcoal Filtered. Smooth Finish. Versatile and Mixable. Gluten Free. One of a Kind Package: 100% Stainless Steal. Chills Quickly. Portable. Unbreakable. Individually Numbered. Recyclable. Goes Where Glass Can't. Shots: Distilled to perfection, Stillhouse goes down smooth as an ice cold shot. Rocks: Each Stillhouse expression is enjoyable on-the-rocks or in a simple cocktail. Punch: The mellow flavor of Stillhouse whiskey makes it the perfect spirit to create your favorite punch. For delicious drink and punch recipes, check out: Facebook Twitter. Instagram (hashtag) stillhouseUSA. 40% Alcohol/vol. (80 Proof). Produced& bottled by Stillhouse Spirits Co., Columbia, Tennessee.