Starbucks Refreshers Peach Passion Fruit Sparkling Juice Blend (12 - 12 Fluid Ounce) 144 Fluid Ounces 12 Pack Aluminum Cans

Starbucks Refreshers are a happy blend of goodness. Sparkling real fruit juices meet coconut water, B vitamins and just the right amount of caffeine to lift you up when you're on the go. Our Peach Passion Fruit flavor tastes like a summer sunset. Ripe peach, tart passion fruit and smooth coconut water come together in a bubbly blend that can pep up your day, sunrise to sunset. Peach Passion Fruit flavor with ripe peach, tart passion fruit and smooth coconut water Made with a blend of feel-good ingredients like real fruit juice, cool coconut water, B vitamins, and caffeine from green coffee extract Includes twelve 12 oz cans Starbucks Refreshers sparkling juice blends, distinct and lightly bubbly fruit flavors that will lift you up when you’re on the go