Stacys Pita Chips, Baked, Cinnamon Sugar

All natural. 0 g Trans fat. 0 mg Cholesterol. Sweetened to perfection with natural, milled cane sugar, these chips are a treat for all ages. Kids love their sweet, cinnamon flavor. Grown-ups savor then with a steaming cup of coffee. Everyone and their uncle loves crunching them straight from the bag or pairing them with dips made of fruit, yogurt or chocolate. The Story on Stacy's: I've always had a passion for good food and healthy living, even back in the days of owning a sandwich cart in downtown Boston. Back then, my partner and I made all natural pita roll-up sandwiches and, as an incentive for customers to wait in line, we baked pita bread into different flavored chips. The chips became remarkably popular and before we knew it, Stacy's Pita Chip Company was born. Today, you can enjoy Stacy's Pita Chips in six great flavors. They are all baked, all natural and totally delicious. So treat yourself well, and treat yourself often. Made in the USA.