St Pierre Brioche Swirls

Naturally and artificially vanilla flavored. Sustainable for vegetarians. Premium French brioche. Individually wrapped. The brioche story. Let them eat brioche. Marie Antionette, Queen consort of King Louis XVI of France, 1793. Brioche is the most elegant and indulgent of all French breads. Rich and sweet, with a delicate soft texture and a golden crumb, it has been enjoyed by Parisians since the 17th century. Enjoy brioche as a breakfast bread with a cup of coffee or as an anytime snack. Facebook/St Pierre Bakery. Twitter(at)StPierreBakery. Instagram:StPierreBakery. For recipes and ides on how to enjoy our product visit Look out for St Pierre Brioches and crepes, available in a range of flavors. Baked in France with love. Product of France.