Square Mile Cider Co. Rose Cider, 6 Pack 12 fl. oz. Cans

Seasonal Release. Quality hard cider crafted in Portland, Oregon with Pacific Northwest apples. Dry cider with rose hips and hibiscus flowers. Made in the city of Roses. Naturally gluten free. Pure Pacific Northwest at its core. Naturally gluten free. The Pacific Northwest has long called out to pioneering spirits. Like the bold adventurers that set the ruts of the Oregon Trail, we encourage you to let your compass lead you off the straight and easy path, and explore the many winding trails ahead, one square mile at a time. The original pioneers set out into the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest for the promise of a new beginning and a square mile plot of land on which to build their futures. It's easy to see why the ruts that formed the Oregon Trail run so deep - the inviting nature and adventurous spirit of this natural wonderland are unlike anywhere else, and it continues to call out to pioneering spirits. We're proud to stake our claim here, and we encourage you to do the same. Let your compass lead you off the easy path that lies straight ahead, and follow the winding trails of other like-minded adventurers. For the journey ahead, we bring you our newest seasonal release, Rose Apple Cider. Brewed with Pacific Northwest apples, this Rose cider uses rose hips and hibiscus for a blush body with mild sweetness. Flavor notes of rose petal, honeydew, and strawberry compliment a smooth and crisp finish just like your favorite Rose wines. With this in your pack you have all you need to get out there and explore, one square mile at a time. Squaremilecider.com. Facebook: Follow our adventures and get trail reviews: (at)squaremilecider. Instagram: Share your own Pacific Northwest moments with (hashtag)purepnw. Leave no trace. Pack it in, pack it out. Please recycle. 6.2 alc. by vol. Produced by Square Mile Cider Co., Portland, OR.