Splenda Naturals Sweetener, Stevia

Zero calorie sweetener. Keto. Gluten free. Zero net carbs: Subtract fiber grams and 3 grams of erythritol from total carbohydrate grams. Eryhtritol is not metabolized by the body for energy. Non GMO Project verified. nongmoproject.org. New. 100% natural (Splenda naturals stevia is made with two non-GMO sweeteners: stevia leaf extract and erythritol. Stevia leaves are steeped in hot water to extract the sweet parts of the leaf and then undergo a process to separate, filter and purify the extract. Erythritol is produced by a fermentation process. Please see our website for more information on our natural standard: www.splenda.com/naturals). Tastes like sugar. No. 1 brand recommended by doctors and dietitians (among healthcare professionals clinically treating patients. Splenda was the highest tested brand family in the low-calorie sweetener space). Suitable for people with diabetes. 100% natural, nothing artificial. Visit splenda.com/recipes for nutritional information and additional recipes. Packaged in the USA.