SmartyKat Twirl 'N Peek

Feathers peek twirls toy. Spinning toy. Peek-a-boo box. Peek-a-boo spinning feather toy & soft swishing sounds tease cats. Satisfies hunting instinct. Spinning motion toy. Mentally stimulating. Exercise: 1 of your cat's 10 needs. Complete Needs System: care; interaction; comfort; independence; exercise; scratch; stimulation; privacy; explore; hunt. Exercise is necessary to keeps cats mentally alert, physically fit, and at a healthy weight. Toys that inspire running, chasing, and swatting help turn playtime into a fun workout. This toy helps meets cats' need for exercise. Use the Complete Needs System to find products that satisfy your cat's other needs. Learn more at Safer for Pets: SmartyKat products are designed to meet child safety standards - eliminating small parts, long cords & other hazards - to ensure they're safer. Satisfaction guaranteed. Satisfaction Guarantee: If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, call (303) 623-3327. CE listed. cats(at) Facebook SmartyKat Products. Instagram (at)smartykatbrand. Eco Advantages: Outer ball casing made with recycled plastic. Cardboard box made from recycled paper pulp. Electrical waste, do not dispose of in trash. Designed in USA. Made in China.