Sleepwell Nasal Dialator, Internal, Calming Lavender Essential Oil Blend, Sleep/Snore

Clinically proven to reduce snoring. Drug-free relief. Increases airflow 38% more than nasal strips. Instantly relieves congestion. Soft & comfortable. Calming lavender essential oil blend. Fits discreetly inside the nose! Sleepwell combines the benefits of enhanced airflow with the therapeutic healing properties of premium essential oils. By gently opening your nasal passages. Sleepwell Sleep/Snore naturally increases airflow to reduce snoring caused by nasal constriction. Sleepwell Sleep/Snore is infused with a synergistic blend of essential oils shown to reduce congestion and promote restful sleep. Sleep better, with Sleepwell. Latex-free. Sleepwell: Up to 38% more airflow; Reduce congestion; Reduce snoring. Other: Morning wellness. Experience the benefits of better breathing! Nasal breathing helps to: Encourage restful, restorative sleep. Enhance focus and memory. Increase energy. Alleviate headache pain.