Skinny Crisps Chocolate Mint Crisps, Gluten Free

Gourmet crackers - naturally baked in boulder. Low carb & Gluten free. Certified Gluten-free. Gluten free. Baked in a Gluten free environment. Naturally Gluten free. Dairy free. Soy free. Vegan. Egg free. Wheat free. Certified GMO free. Greenstar. GMO free. How Skinny Crisps Were Born: Once upon a time there was a sweet and beautiful Princess with a very Sour Tummy. When the King's physician told her that she could no longer eat anything made with gluten, she broke down and cried. One clay the Princess visited her Godmother, who was a fanciful baker. The Princess confided that she yearned for a yummy snack that would agree with her tummy. The fairy Godmother comforted the Princess saying Despair not my fair Princess, for I will create for you a magically delicious cracker, lower in carbohydrates, high in flavor, free of gluten, baked to perfection and sturdy for long journeys. Very soon the Fairy Godmother returned with an assortment of crackers for the princess to try. Upon tasting just one, the Princess rejoiced and proclaimed, These morsels are tasty indeed! We shall call them Skinny Crisps. We must hurry and provide these crunchy, tummy-friendly snacks to all the people of the Kingdom. So they did and they all lived happily ever after. Caseinf free. Rice free. Corn free. Contains no hydrogenated oils. Skinny Crisps taste great straight out of the bag, and they won't wilt under the weight of your favorite topping. So pick up a bag (and maybe an extra one to share). We're sure you'll find a flavor or two that tickles your fancy. Chocolate Mint Crisps. Plain Jane. Toasted Sesame Toasty Onion. Seeded. Cinnamon Crisps Brownie Crisps. Whole Shebang. Our crackers are handmade and might have a slight variance in weight per cracker. Colorado proud. Hand baked in beautiful Boulder Colorado.