Seeds Of Change Havana Rice & Beans, Whole Grain, Cuban-Style

Certified organic. USDA organic. Seeds of Change was born in 1989 with, we admit it, a pretty ambitious mission: To preserve the biodiversity of the world's food supply while advancing the cause of sustainable organic agriculture around the globe. Yes, we were thinking big to say the least. First order of business: creating the largest and most diverse organic seed stock ever assembled, including countless varieties in danger of vanishing forever. Our certified organic foods are a natural extension, made exclusively with organically-grown vegetables and herbs. Delicious. Nutritious. And above all, sustainable. If you've ever been to Cuba, you may recall a dish called Moros y Cristianos. Translated, it means Moors and Christians; a name derived from its main ingredients, black beans and white rice. The dish originated in Spain, but the Cuban people embraced it long ago and they've made it their own. And now we're making it our own: By replacing the white rice with healthier long grain brown rice, but retaining the traditional spicy goodness of peppers, onion, garlic and cilantro. All that and a history lesson too. Such a bargain. 100% Whole Grain. 35 g or more per serving. Eat 48 g or more of whole grain daily.