Redwood Hill Farm Goat Milk Yogurt Plain

Redwood Hill Farm® Plain Goat Milk Yogurt. Certified humane. Raised & handled. Delicious. Grade A. Since 1968. Goat milk yogurt is a delicious treat for anyone and may work for people with special dietary needs. We include a unique blend of live & active cultures. This yogurt is gelatin free, with no refined sugar, preservatives, artificial colors or artificial flavorings. Seasonal variations in texture are normal. America's favorite goat milk yogurt. "Redwood Hill Farm is the first goat dairy in the United States to become certified humane. The certified humane rated and Handled® program improves the lives of farm animals by encouraging consumers to demand kinder and more responsible farm animal practices." Jennifer Lynn Bice Owner. -with mouse. Learn more at No refined sugar. Gluten free. Kosher certified.