Real Avid Smart Brushes

8 super scrubber gun brushes with integrated scrapers. The most effective gun cleaning brushes ever designed. Do it smarter. Carbon busting micro bristles. Technically advanced carbon cleaning tools for modern guns. Smart Brushes: Designed from the ground up to do a better and faster job of cleaning guns. Micro bristles stay rigi under pressure providing superior scrubbing power. Four unique brush shapes with integrated scrapers are designed to specifically clean hard-to-reach interior or exterior surfaces where carbon and gunk accumulate. Designed to clean different interior and exterior surfaces. 4 unique brush shapes in nylon & phosphor bronze. 4 scrapers tips remove stubborn carbon & gunk. Easily Clean: Firing pins. Bolts & bolt faces. Internal slide rail grooves. Chamber pockets & corners. Flash suppressors. Semi-auto gas baffles. Under shotgun ribs. Sight assemblies. Inside receiver housings. Trigger groups. And a lot more. Bristles That Actually Work: Smart brushes scrub harder & remove carbon faster without deforming. Phosphor bronze bristles for non-coated internal metal surfaces. Nylon bristles for blued or coated exterior surfaces. Gun DIY: clean; build; modfiry; repair; maintain. Made in China. Innovated in Minnesota.