Ray Padula Oscillating Sprinkler, Quick Reverse

Sweeping waters 3,600 sq. ft. Reliable gear design provides dependable, trouble-free operation season-after-season. Quick reverse heart cam prevents puddling and provides a smooth, non-stop rotation. Great for medium yard watering. Leak free design. Covers up to a 64 x 50 ft rectangle. 64 ft/19.5 m. 50 ft/15.24 m. 32 Position dial adjustment knob allows for watering pattern customization to your yard. Adjustable Pattern Coverage: Easily adjust the watering pattern to your specific yard. H2O Tank: Easily measure how much water is applied while watering. End plug can be removed to clean clogged nozzles. Built-In H20 Tank measures how much water is applied during watering. 18 brass nozzles provide a wind-resistant, accurate watering pattern. 32-position dial adjustment knob customizes the watering pattern to your yard. Ideal for medium lawn watering. Sturdy, low profile design resists tipping during use. Quick reverse cam provides a smooth operation with no puddles. Spray coverage varies by water pressure and flow. 60 PSI - 3,200 sq ft. 40 PSI - 2,800 sq ft. 20 PSI - 1,200 sq ft. raypadula.com. Join us! Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. (at)raypadulagarden. Made in China.