Rawpothecary Seed Milks, Wholly Cacao

Omega-3 superfood. Whole'istic seed milks. Vegan. Nut free. Non-dairy. Chia seeds. Sunflower seeds. Cacao. Coconut nectar. So cool, always fresh. Certified vegan. vegan.org. USDA organic. Why Drink Rawpo? At Rawpothecary, our passion goes beyond flavor. We strive to bring you the highest quality superfood ingredients with purpose-driven recipes that easily integrate into your on-the-go life. - Stephanie Walczak, Founder. Cold Pressed Mixology: Low in sugar. Immediate nutrient infusion. Provides rapid hydration. Fiber Rich Blends: High in fiber for healthy digestion. Regulates blood sugar intake. Keeps you fuller longer. Whole'istic Seed Milks: 100% vegan, non-dairy & nut free. Protein-packed superfood seeds. Aminos & omegas for daily energy. What is HPP & why do we use it? HPP uses cold-water pressure instead of heat, retaining high-quality freshness & nutrients in our drinks. We'd Love to Hear From You: (917) 426-6702. raw-pothecary.com. Made in a nut free facility. Not from concentrate. BPA free. Certified organic by CCOF. Please recycle.