Ravens Brew Coffee, Whole Bean, Full City Roast, Resurrection Blend

In constant quest of the supreme bean. Profoundly deep and multi-nuanced. Ponderous silky body and floral/spicy/winey symphony. Art by Ray Troll. Dedicated to coffee quality, sustainability and culture. Est. 1992. Give thanks to the supreme bean. In constant quest of the Supreme Bean, your immaculate roastmasters at Raven's Brew Coffee offer this revival of heavenly flavor and sacrament of wakefulness in a blend of some of the most blessed beans in all creation. We're religious over this profoundly deep and multi-nuanced libation. Ponderous silky body and floral, spicy, winey symphony. Full city roast. Roasting Facilities: Ketchikan, AK; Tumwater, WA. www.ravensbrew.com.