Raid Bug Barrier, Indoor & Outdoor

720119 Keeps killing German cockroaches for up to 12 months. Keeps listed bugs out. Defense System: Helps you work smarter, nor harder to fight bugs. Use This Product to: Prevent Bugs: Keep Bugs Out - Use to keep listed bugs out. Spray outdoors, around doors, windows, and along your home's foundation. Spray indoors along floor boards, door and window frames. Use in hard-to-reach places where long term control is needed. Use Other Raid Products to: Attack Bugs: Kill Bugs on Contact - Use a Raid Ant or Roach Killer spray product to kill listed bugs on contact. Read the label to find the right product for your bug problem. Control Bugs: Kill Bugs at the Source - Use a Raid Ant or Roach Bait product to kill ants or roaches where they hide. For heavy infestations, first use a Raid Fogger or Fumigator product and then place baits to provide ongoing control. Read the label to find the right product for your bug problem. Kills: ants; fleas; gnats; roaches; ticks; silverfish; crickets; spiders; scorpions; mosquitoes; centipedes; firebrats; small flying moths; stink bugs; sowbugs; ground beetles; boxelder bugs. Questions? Comments? Call (800) 558-5252 or Write Helen Johnson. Visit to identify your bug and best treatment plan. Made in China.