R.W. Knudsen Family™ Very Veggie® Original Vegetable Juice 8 fl. oz.

You'll love R.W. Knudsen Family brand's Very Veggie juice. It's a naturally delicious tomato and vegetable juice blend offering all the flavor of 9 vegetables. We've added tiny flakes of zesty bell pepper and a touch of lemon to create an especially delicious taste. Just one 8 fl. oz. glass of Very Veggie juice equals one serving of vegetables. In addition to our Original Very Veggie juice, look for Spicy, Low Sodium, Organic and Organic Low Sodium Very Veggie juice. Research supports the beneficial qualities of Lycopene, which is naturally found in tomatoes. 100% Juice; No sugar added; Pasteurized for your safety Full serving of vegetables every 8 oz. of juice; All natural Unsweetened; 22 mg Lycopene per serving