Purus Labs Theatrim, Gelatin Capsules

Dietary Supplement teacrine. Beyond caffeine. Ignite and energize. Advanced thermogenic. Growth Chart: Noxygen: Prepare; Build. Condense: Prepare; Reduce. D-Pol: Prepare; Build. Everyday Amino: Recover; Reduce; Build. Myofeed: Prepare; Recover; Reduce; Build. Go beyond caffeine. A product over a year in the making, TheaTrim is the thermogenic weight loss and mental acuity aid worthy of the Purus Labs name; a product that blends the stimulatory effects of standard thermogenics with countless ancillary benefits unseen in the current marketplace. While other companies launched ineffective, overly-caffeinated products, we waited for a revolutionary ingredient that would truly change the game - Introducing TeaCrine is a patent-pending purine alkaloid found naturally in the leaves of the legendary Chinese Kucha tea and in the fruit of the Brazilian Cupuacu plant. Human studies have reported favorable impact on psychometric indices of energy and anti-fatigue as well as an increased overall sense of well being. As part of TheaTrim's revolutionary InstEnergy blemd, TeaCrine synergistically creates a unique psychosensory experience unparalleled among today's thermogenics. www.puruslabs.com. Follow us facebook.com/puruslabs. Twitter (at)puruslabs. Instagram (at)puruslabs. Youtube.com/puruslabsvids. Questions/comments? Call us at 855.629.6328 or visit us at puruslabs.com. (These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.) Proudly made in the USA.