Purina Beggin' Strips Real Meat Dog Treats Variety Pack, Bacon With Bacon & Cheese Flavors - (2) 32 oz. Pouches

Bring on the fun and excitement at treat time with this Purina Beggin' Strips dog treats variety pack. With four pounds of bacony goodness, this pack is sure to get your dog's mouth watering. Let him choose from our original recipe for the classic taste of sizzlin' bacon he can't say no to, or go a little cheesy with our Purina Beggin' Strips with Bacon & Cheese Flavor dog treats. Both recipes feature a rich aroma that captures his attention along with a soft, chewy texture that keeps him nibbling until every last bite is gone. Serve these strips whole as a reward for being your playful companion, or tear them into smaller pieces for positive reinforcement during playtime or obedience training. Made without artificial flavors or FD&C colors, these treats feature real bacon in every serving to make your dog think he's eating the same delicious stuff you enjoy at breakfast. Watch your dog flip head over paws when you tear open a pouch from this Purina Beggin' Strips dog treats variety pack. Every pack contains two delicious recipes that feature real meat as the #1 ingredient, giving him scrumptious choices at treat time. Each strip looks just like bacon, serving as a visual cue that your best buddy's day is about to get so much better. Crafted without artificial flavors or FD&C colors, these dog snacks offer a delectable between-meal snack for whenever he's being a good boy. The strips are ideal for use as training treats, too. The taste, texture and aroma combine to create a multisensory experience that motivates dogs and keeps them coming back for more. This variety pack contains two resealable 32-ounce pouches, making it easy to store plenty of yum in your pantry. Whether your dog is in the mood for the original treat that started it all or a bit of cheese-flavored goodness to go with his bacony snack, this variety pack offers the tempting recipes that show him just how much fun you have when he's around. You love having your dog by your side, and you're always looking for ways to celebrate his loyalty. Purina Beggin' makes it easy to do just that by giving him the mouthwatering snacks he craves, whether he's in the mood for our Purina Beggin' Strips with Bacon & Beef Flavor dog treats or our Purina Thick Cut Hickory Smoke Flavor dog treats. We proudly produce this variety pack in Purina-owned USA facilities, and we work to ensure quality and safety by performing checks throughout the manufacturing process. It's just one more way we strive to meet our commitment to you and your pet. Backed by our more than 90 years of innovation, Purina Beggin' Strips is a snack we're proud to produce. We believe that life is better with pets, and this Purina Beggin' Strips dog treats variety pack provides a delicious way to thank your dog for sharing his love and friendship with you every day. Real meat is the #1 ingredient Soft texture is easy to chew Ideal for use as a training treat Two irresistible recipes to choose from Made with real bacon for mouthwatering flavor Contains no artificial flavors or FD&C colors Rich aroma tempts your dog at treat time