Promised Land Milk, Very Berry Strawberry

All natural. Provides flavor, protein, calcium. From the finest Jersey cows. No artificial hormones. Purity. All natural goodness. Sustainability. That's what gets us up every morning at Promised Land Dairy - the promise to produce the best-tasting milk money can buy. We do things a little differently here at Promised Land Diary. First of all, we start with all Jersey cows that graze in pastures. Jersey cows, with a sassy swish of the tail and wink of a long-lashed eye, are famous for making the best milk on the planet. Jersey cow milk is notably naturally higher in calcium, protein, nonfat milk solids and butterfat. In other words, it's naturally wholesome and just plain delicious. And unlike many other dairies, we follow the herd's handling, diet, milk, and distribution every step of the way. All natural goodness. No artificial hormones. Rich and wholesome. Sustainable. We like it that way, we promise! And think you will too! He brought us to this place and gave us this land, a land flowing with milk and honey. Deuteronomy 26:9. Grade A. Homogenized. HHST Pasteurized to last longer unopened. We use only Jersey cow milk. Jersey cows consistently produce milk with higher calcium & protein content than Holstein cows. Our Jersey cows are not treated with rBST or rBGH. The Federal Government ahs determined there is no significant difference in the milk from rBST or rBGH treated & untreated cows. Please recycle. Facebook.