Whistlestop Chili Starter

These are the same recipes my family and I have enjoyed for years- down-home and delicious! - Fannie Flagg, author of Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe. On a lazy afternoon almost a century ago, at a whistle stop nestled beside the tracks just east of Birmingham, a tradition of down-home cooking was born. That's when the first batch of fried green tomatoes was served at the Whistle Stop Cafe. Some fifty уеars Fannie Flagg would write a book about that same whistle stop later, and the recipes perfected over thousands of meals shared with family and friends. Today the Cafe seems frozen in time as those giant freight and passenger trains rumble The cafe still carries on the legacy of down-home family cooking. And for almost half a century now, Billy and Mary Jo McMichael have shared their delicious secrets with the Original Whistlestop Recipes. Enjoy the memories of by. good times shared at the Original Whistle Stop Cafe. Commitment to Quality: The Irondale Cafe has a rich tradition of providing consistently high quality nutritious and delicious foods. Now, with our Original Whistle Stop recipes, you can taste the proud, heritage of great Southern Goodness at its best.