Popsicle Fruit Pops, Orange

Orange fruit juice ice pops. Made with real orange juice. The original brand. New! Just 5 ingredients. Water. Orange juice concentrate. Real cane sugar. Vitamin C. Natural flavor. Pep Pop: 45 calories. Hey there, here at Popsicle we understand that you want to feel good about the products you give to your family and they need to taste good too! That's why we're proud to introduce: Fruit Pops made with only 5 ingredients. Water + orange juice concentrate + real cane sugar with vitamin C & natural flavors. We source fruit sustainably (We are committed to sustainably sourced fruit). Non-GMO. Sourced ingredients. Good source of vitamin C pep pop. A great tasting treat the whole family can enjoy! Try Our Other Flavors: Strawberry; Mango; Raspberry. Inner units not labeled for retail sale. Discovery more at learnaboutmyfood.com. See popsicle.com for more details. Questions or comments? Call: 1-800-931-2849 or visit us online at popsicle.com. Popsicle.com. Please recycle.