Phil's Fresh Eggs Large Cage Free - 12 CT

Phil's Fresh Eggs. Fresh form our family farm. 12 grade A large. Only natural whole-grain fed. No drugs or antibiotics. Cage free since 1959. Certified humane. Raised & handled. Phil's Fresh Eggs. Simply Better Fed. Simply Better Taste. "You are what you eat." What's true for people is also true for chickens. Over 40 years ago, Phil Wubbena discovered that uncaged, naturally-fed chickens were healthier, happier and created better tasting eggs, Today, his son Rod continues the egg legacy at the 100% cage-free family farm in Forreston, Illinois. People like to know the source of their food. So do we at Phil's. That's why we grow and roast our own corn, soybeans and other grains to feed the chickens. And we use only rich, high-quality natural ingredients like alfalfa and kelp - no drugs or antibiotics. The simply better feeding method makes for simply better taste. Discover the difference Phil's Fresh Eggs makes in all your cooking and baking. Taste the difference! Large cage free. Laid in nests. 100% reclaimed paper carton. Please recycle.