Pets Know Best True Touch, 2 Sided

Removes hair from clothing, furniture and carpets. Side One: 260 silicone grooming tips. Best deshedding glove. Great for all dogs & cats. Grooming side massages your pet while lifting & removing hair from their coat. Lint removing side easily and quickly removes hair from furniture, carpets and clothes. Pet the hair away! Side one - removes hair from your pet. Side two - removes hair from clothes, furniture and carpet. As seen on TV. Furry friend tested. Owner approved! Helps minimize shedding and keeps you & your house clean! Side One: 260 silicone grooming tips. Side Two: Lint remover material. Quickly, gently & effectively. Helps remove shedding hair from your pet & picks up excess on clothes and furniture! Product color and appearance may vary. Includes: 1 Glove. Made in China.