Perrys Ice Cream Barista Bars Ice Cream Bars, Premium, Mocha Latte

Gluten Free: Contains no gluten. Contains as much caffeine as a cup of tea (studies show 70-140 mg of caffeine in one 8 oz cup of coffee. 70 mg of caffeine per bar). Make sure you put in enough of the good stuff - H. Morton Perry. Since your answer to want coffee? is always yes, we've combined fresh, local milk and cream with rich espresso (caffeine included) and a hint of chocolate, worthy of your aficionado status. Hide the box for yourself or share - for a price. We don't judge. - The Perry Family since 1918. Life is a bowl of Perry's. Questions or comments: visit or call us at (800)873-7797. Paperboard packaging. Sustainable Forestry Initiative: Certified Sourcing. Paperboard Packaging: Recyclable.