Peloponnese Grape Leaves, in Vinegar Brine

Drained Wt: 8.5 oz (240 g). From Sultana vines. All natural. Mediterranean specialties. Peloponnese (Pell-uh-puh-neese) Grape Leaves come from Sultana variety vines well known for their good texture and flavor. They are most commonly used for making dolmas, rice-stuffed grape leaves. We recommend removing the leaves from the jar, rinsing them thoroughly and blanching them in plenty of boiling water for about a minute. Try Our Grape Leaves Next Time for: wrapping grilled fish, meat or vegetables; as an attractive lining or garnish for cheese, shrimp and other platters. To order Peloponnese products and look for unique and creative Mediterranean recipes go to Glass recycles. Questions, comments or recipes, please call 1-800-611-9782. Product of Greece.