Parker & Bailey Brass & Copper Polish

Trusted woodcare since 1879. A Maine tradition. Removes tarnish. Cleans and shines. Long lasting protection. Parker and Bailey products originated when Mr. Bailey, a respected furniture maker joined forces with Mr. Parker, a manufacturer of fine waxes and polishes. A small container of Parker's Perfect Polish was included with each furniture sale. Customers kept returning for more, which gave Parker the idea to join forces and package the products for everyone. So in 1879, Parker and Bailey began producing fine furniture care products in Maine. These basic, traditional formulas, tried and tested for over a hundred years, have a dedicated following among furniture restorers and antique experts alike. Use Parker and Bailey's Brass & Copper Polish on beds, lamps, railings, serving dishes, utensils, door knobs and more. This gentle formula is safe to use on antique and modern surfaces and will not scratch. It removes spots, stains, discoloration, and tarnish and will leave behind a brilliant shine. The anti-tarnish ingredients ensure a long lasting polished appearance. Made in USA.