Ziggys Kettle Corn, Tomato Basil

With Himalayan pink salt. All natural. Whole grain. Gluten free. Wow! You are holding a bag of Ziggy's, the best kettle corn in the world. Not only are we all natural, we also upgraded the classic kettle corn blend with the right amount of sweet and unrefined, hand harvested Himalayan salt. You read it correctly; our salt comes from a sustainable source high in the Himalayan Mountains and has over 84 natural minerals and trace elements just like mother earth intended. All of our products are gluten free and have no cholesterol or preservatives. We know that once you taste Ziggy's kettle corn you're going to keep coming back for more! More Ziggy's Flavors: Sweet & Salty. Kickin' Buffalo Wing. Smokin' Honey Barbecue. Buttery Bliss. Happen' Jalapeno. Savory Chili Lime. Visit us online: ziggyskettlecorn.com. Facebook: Ziggy's Kettlecorn. Twitter: at ZiggyKettlecorn. Ziggy's is made in a nut free facility with non GMO corn. 888-Ziggy-Sn. Product of the USA.